Monday, October 18, 2010

Launch date confirmed

The launch date for Truansea has been confirmed as 2/11/2010. Before the sun rises Truansea will leave the factory on a low loader and travel to Wollongong Harbour where she will lifted in slings and lowered into the water. Before the slings are removed Seawind staff will board her to check she is water tight. Bloody hope so! Then the crew from Tempo Spars will crane the mast into place and secure the standing rigging. The boom will be fitted and all the running rigging will then be reeved, and sails fitted. The motors will be run and all the equipment tested and instruments calibrated. There is a lot to happen in a couple of days but Mike Rees from Seawind assures me they are well practiced at it and all will go smoothly. When the launch crew are satisfied everything meets Seawinds quality standard the delivery crew will board her and sail up the coast to Port Jackson, and in to Birkenhead Point Marina on Sydney Harbour. Here final adjustments will be made and detailing completed ready for handover day on the 8/11/2010 to her new owners. Thirteen months after the deposit went down  the dream comes true.

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