Monday, December 6, 2010

Next move


Sitting here at Scarborough marina reflecting on a nice lunch at Moreton Bay Boat Club and afternoon spent with work colleagues yesterday. I hope they enjoyed the time as well and all seemed pleased that Truansea presented herself well and that she has the attributes to maintain my motivation and ensure safe passage on the adventure ahead. The weather Gods relented and with the exception of one brief shower, just to reaffirm who actually is in charge, provided us with a fairly pleasant day.

A lovely dinner at Denise's with Dave and Zena before settling down to watch a very interesting National Geographics doco on the largest cave in the world  Son Doong in Vietnam. Not for me that caving stunt but very interesting. 

Thanks for the call Glenn pleased to hear your going to spend some time with Maria after spending most of the year aboard the Pink Shrimp. Maybe the prospective purchaser will relocate her from Sardinia back to Italy and you will be closer to home.

If the trough forming off the coast from Fraser Island south doesn't deepen into one of those nasty lows by Wednesday Lyn will bring Bevan back down and we will move on up to Mooloolaba  and spend the night there before an early start on Thursday to catch the high tide at Noosa Bar at 10:00ish in the morning. Noosa bar has a formidable reputation but with a high tide, sun behind us and swell not expected to exceed 1.2m combined with local knowledge should see us in safely. Truansea can then have time to acquaint herself with her home base while I attend to some minor house maintenance tasks Lyn has been patiently expecting me to attend to. Then there is family and friends, our favourite coffee spots and mal sliding around the points and kayaking on the river and fishing. Will I have time for all this and Santa just around the corner. I've heard it said that retirement can be a busy time of life....

Fair winds,  Brian


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