Friday, December 10, 2010

Good sailing north of the border to Noosa


Truansea's best sailing experiences to date have with out doubt been immediately after crossing the border from NSW. Sorry cockroaches but seems your sailing weather this time was on par with your State of Origin efforts in recent times. Our entry into Southport under sail was as delightful as the few miles sailed further on to the top of North Stradbroke Is. Old memories of Moreton Bay resurfaced as we moved on up to Tangalooma Point on on Moreton Is where the dolphins welcomed us to our anchorage inside the Dring Banks. A little rain the following morning washed off any remnants of salt spray as we sailed over to Scarborough marina where we spent the week. Truansea being twice the width of monohulls of her length gave the scalpers at Scarborough marina the opportunity to fleece me for two monohull berths claiming that was all they had available. Naturally after meeting their extortive expectations it became apparent that there were several single berthing opportunities for Truansea, wiser next time. The convenience of berthing there to catch up with family and friends was worth the extra. There were several overseas yachts moored at Scarborough as it is a port of entry.

By Wednesday Truansea could wait no longer to head to Noosa to see for herself if all that I had told her along the way about her new life would be true. Sailing again was all that could be expected. Across Deception Bay and around Skirmish Point at the bottom of Bribie Is was like a Sunday sail. Then as the wind increased a few knots Truansea lifted her skirt and paralleled the shipping channel until near enough to Caloundra Head to slip between the extending reef and the fairway beacon. Three large carriers passed us as we ran up beside Bribie Island and there were several more standing off the Caloundra to Point Cartwright stretch. The contingency plan to head into Mooloolaba for the night if the wind was light went by the board when, off Point Cartwright at 14:30, Truansea sighted Noosa Head and would not be turned in early especially as she had a steady 15 knot easterly filling her sails and a fair current.

As each Sunshine Coast icon fell astern my phone rang as we were abeam Sunrise Beach. The lovely Lyn all Xmas shopped out, after dropping Bevan off at Scarborough earlier in the morning for the final leg, was driving home and decided to head into the coast at Peregian Beach. There are a few opportunities which we regularly take advantage of when driving between Coolum and Noosa to take in the ocean vista and see if there are any sails or whales to watch. On this day to her delight something special caught her eye; several sails out to sea, seven we had counted heading south. The object of her delight was closer inshore and she soon confirmed it was Truansea. Lyn watched from her vantage point until we passed and remarked how good it was to see us this far up the coast already. Advising her that we would spend the night anchored off First Point in front of Main Beach at Noosa she was off home for the camera and managed a couple of photos as we passed the Boiling Pot. Securely anchored about 100m out from First Point and with a million dollar view of Main Beach and no doubt providing some interest for those ashore we were suddenly surrounded by 20 odd surf ski's ripping out from the beach before returning to do it all again several times in the pursuit of fitness and whatever else it does for them. Logging off with the Coast Guard and advising them of our intention to cross the bar on the high tide in the morning we prepared for dinner just as old Sol took his rest for the day.

Meat and vegies doesn't sound all that creative when your just a couple of hundred metres from some of the best restaurants in the country but what it lacked in originality was made up for by the location and serenity of it all. Any rate lamb chops, potato, carrot, cauliflower, zucchini and egg cooked on the BBQ isn't all that shabby for an untrained bait layer after a days sail. Did I mention the fluid, Jupiter Hill Cab Sav Merlot 2007, wouldn't want to risk something sticking on the way down! Just gets tougher doesn't it.

Thursday, 9th December at 0900 Truansea weighs her anchor after receiving a call  from the real salts of the family Don and Agnes Reed advising that they have sounded a route in through the tricky parts of the mouth of the Noosa River for us. 0930 at the entrance and with the Noosa Coast Guard using the power of the jets on the "John Waddams", their premier rescue vessel, to flatten the chop we crossed the bar with only one small wave of no consequence breaking astern and washing under us. We were inside within minutes much to the satisfaction of Lyn, Jake, Pam and other unknown observers on the rock wall. Anchored in Woods Bay we ferried gear ashore and handed Bevan back to Laraine in good order none the worse for his adventure with many thanks for being available to provide the assurance of company along the way from Yamba.

Jake has checked Truansea over thoroughly, no nook or cranny escaped his attention. He will be able to sail his dinghy around the anchorage here during the school holidays and sleep on board. Lyn, Emma and Danny and Jake will come aboard shortly for sundowners. Emma, always the culinary upstager, has procured prawns, moreton bay bugs and a suitable bottle of bubbles to accompany my meager wafers, cheese and dips.

Visiting a gravely ill relative, jobs around the home and preparing for Xmas are at the top of my to do list now.

The 750 nautical miles from Sydney on this delivery trip has been a well rounded experience with all sorts of weather and sea conditions bar the extreme. Truansea is all she was expected to be and then some. I am very pleased with the decision to go with a Seawind 1000XL  and have no regrets. The joy and delightful times ahead will brighten more than a few lives for family and friends. Many thanks to all my family, friends,  especially Mars and Jupiter and work colleagues who have shared the experience so far and hope you are all delighted by what is to come.

Fair winds and a merry Xmas to all,  Brian and Lyn


  1. Enjoyed following your adventurous journey & having 'special' time with you at Scarborough. Merry Xmas to you & Lyn see you next year if not before

  2. Hi Midge,
    great reading, you have made me very envious. Wondering how your cat is enjoying the adventure?
    Angela Love