Thursday, January 20, 2011

Floods, funerals and future


I've had more than a few jibes aimed at me updating the blog with a new post so apologies to those followers distressed by the absence of anything new.

Lyn's new 100cc scooter

Xmas was pretty damn good as always, there is seldom any cause for anything but happiness and delight at catching up with others not seen or conversed with in a while and of course the giving and receipt of presents. Lyn can't be missed scorching around Noosa on her new scooter. Saint Nic had a big influence on the colour being bright red with white trim just like his robes and sleigh. Apart from the colour it is exactly the same as her other scooter so there was no delay in getting revved up. No comparison to the new smart phone she has just taken delivery of and has announced it could be three months until she comes to grips with the Android technology. I have heard it ringing whatever that means, I think it must come with an application that actually lets her use it as a phone. The old scooter, well not really that old only travelled about 4000km, has been passed on to yours truly and it surely is the best way to get around locally especially now Noosa is engorged with the short stayers.

Most of the business minds in the tourist trade around here are ensuring that holidaymakers are enjoying there stay but there is still the odd fool who is solely  focused on maximising profits. Take for example the establishment just near Hastings St that purports to be a Sushi outlet of some stature. It appears that substituting two minute noodles for ramen noodles in one and possibly more of their offerings will go unnoticed by the general populous not being of oriental extraction. What a shame in a location known internationally for the local cuisine. So as I always say vote with your feet and and spread the word. I'm disgusted enough to pen my first letter to the editor.

Those of you old enough to remember the 1974 floods will remember the anguish and heart ache suffered by the flood victims then, we were one of those affected though to a much lesser degree than most. It matters little how the inundation occurs, nature can't be opposed, the important thing is to help those affected, dig deep, reinstate wisely, grieve the loss and contribute to the prevention of a recurrence no matter that it may be another 36 or more years in the coming. The current floods across eastern Australia being coincidental will strengthen the resolve of an unprecedented number of Australians and instil that resilience we are known for. A character building experience for sure and as many poets, song writers and historians have observed the true Aussie gets up and gets on with it in response to such devastating events. Anna said we are tough north of the border but that was a short sighted statement without consideration for the tenacity and strength of our near neighbours who will demonstrate I'm sure that great Aussie spirit. We Queenslanders like to be parochial but it is not our sole domain.

To a spirit of a different nature that of our near relative who signed off on the 5th January after a long and courageous struggle with motor neurone disease. This spirit lives on in our memories of him and his release from what must be one of the most wretched and insidious diseases that can befall a person. It can not go unsaid that the untiring efforts of his most loving, loyal and dedicated wife were no less than commendable. Her personal deprivation of liberty over the last two years and persistence with providing the best care, to understand his needs and ensure his comfort and dignity must surely be the equal of any efforts provided by those of her ilk. Our hats are doffed to her.

Captain Jake, our grandson sailing up with his other grandparents.

Days and nights at home are interspersed with days and nights spent on Truansea. There have been many visitors to the little ship since she arrived in Noosa all full of adoration for both her looks and intentions. Some come by sail others by car and tender. The inclemency and dangerous condition of the Noosa River bar upon which recently one of the coast guard boats capsized have kept us tethered to the anchor. That is not too difficult to endure mind you for I have read a couple of books and completed a few small jobs on board as well as displayed some skill at angling having caught, seemingly without too much effort on my part, and released many fish mostly bream. Ok I did fillet a couple and show Lyn that I can cook fish.  Weather permitting a little journey up to the top of Fraser Island via the Wide Bay bar and the Great Sandy Straits is in the offing later next week. A week or two in those environs will relieve Truansea of any Noosa fixations.

Yummy bream

Our Japanese friends have planned a weeks stay with us in the middle of February much to our delight. When they return to Japan I'm considering a circumnavigation by car of southern and western Queensland say -Warwick, St George, Thargomindah, Quilpie, Windorah, Birdsville, Bedourie, (always wanted to see Bedourie) Boulia, Winton, Longreach, Blackall, Augathella, Morven, Mitchell, Roma, Miles, Dalby and home again. Reckon I might see a roo or two. After that it will be time for some serious preparation for the big sailing adventure.

For those of you who still have to work tough it out until your turn comes it's definitely worth the wait. I hope my adventures in some way keep your desires and aspirations alive.

Fair winds


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  1. Ah yes, well written once again. So much of what we do is at the mercy of mother nature & she will have the final say. Take care in your travels - love to all :)