Friday, November 19, 2010

According to Mr Beaufort

On the Beaufort wind scale force 6 is described as a strong breeze 22-27 kts. 3.0m waves, larger waves forming, whitecaps everywhere, more spray, and force 7 is a near gale 28-33 kts. 4.0m waves, seas heap up, white foam from breaking waves begins to be blown in streaks. We had a bit of both on our run up to Forster/Tuncurry from Port Stephens. Sorry Lyn. That's the type of sailing you probably shouldn't expose your wife to so soon. So apart from the lumpy bits it wasn't all that bad as we had the second reef in and full jib and wind aft mostly and Truansea is really good at keeping her head above water. Not a good idea to get a rope jammed under the hatch when you close it especially on the windward side above a bunk. Noticed it early enough not to cause any real harm. Lyn wasn't feeling hungry along the way so I had some of her delicious fruit cake and an iced coffee.

Another 51 nm on the clock at avg 7.9kn and new top speed of 14.1kn. Tuncurry bar was dead flat (unbelievable) plenty of depth but 4.5kts of ebb tide. Again a dolphin just inside the entry to welcome us in.  Tomorrow's forecast is more of the same so will sit it out here and head up to Port Macquarie on Sunday when the wind abates. Seems it's my shout to dinner. Did I mention that the Raymarine wind indicator parted company with the mast head about two thirds of the way up here. Just swinging on its cable 60 feet in the air. Through the binoculars it looks like the securing screws have fallen out. Bit nervous about finding out for sure as Lyn may decide to get even as she is hauling me up to the top of the stick to see if I can repair it. I'll let you know how the bosun's chair works thanks Bevan. That's a Friday sail for you.

Fair winds friends,  Brian and Lyn.

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