Monday, November 15, 2010

Away at last

It might be raining but that didn't deter us from slipping our mooring lines at Birkenhead Point marina and due to no wind <3 knots NE we motored across the Harbour to snug little Spring Cove just near the old quarantine station at North Head about 2 miles from the Manly ferry terminal. We had been delayed due to a wiring fault (pinched cable at base of targa bar) causing some issues with solar panel that Seawind had to rectify. The run over here was interspersed with ferries going every which way all much bigger and faster than Truansea and they have right of way. The light rain persists and is likely to continue along the coast for most of the week. Ruins the photo opportunities but keeps most others off the water. I'm not able to upload any pics from the camera SD card all of a sudden so if I can't solve the problem will just have to manage with the text, sorry. The lovely Lyn goes from strength to strength with this boating caper, a duck to water. So nice here. Off to Pittwater in the morning.

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  1. Enjoying your blog updates - can just picture the cheshire cat grin on your face, glad Lyn is enjoying it too, keep up the good work.