Friday, November 12, 2010

Commissioning fun

Monday 8 Nov this was our first look at Truansea on the water at Birkenhead Point Marina. We have many people tell us they like the name and especially the little man. Getting orientated around the marina and shopping precinct and the first appreciation of Truansea filled in the day. First impressions were very good pleased with the colour choices and selection of equipment. Some minor dissappointments with the level of presentation and several issues with running rigging, sail set and chart plotter that could should have been attended to before our arrival. Chart plotter had charts for Europe installed and we weren't intending to go that far this early. As of yesterday all had been rectified except the location of the mast cam cleat and waiting on a sparky to check out the Nav light circuits as I suspect there is a slight current leakage (milliamps from compromised insulation??) into the life lines which has shown up as tea staining at some of the staunchion bases.

We have been out sailing several times and will go again today. Lyn took this pic of the spinnaker when we had the sailmaker on board for some adjustments he was impressed also and took his own pics. A number of single hullers were enjoying their afternoon race until distracted by Truansea gliding past.

You know your in Sydney when you have this view over the rail as you sail past. Tuff I know and apologies to those of you still working.

Many many thanks to our friends Jupiter and Mars for getting us here and looking forward to sailing with them when we return to Qld. Plan is to check everything again today and then relax a little before heading to Pittwater on Monday.

Fair winds my friends and thank you all for the texts and calls.

Brian and Lyn

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  1. Absolutely sensational - thanks for the updates - we can still appreciate the glory from the comfort of terrafirma (working plebs)